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Chelsea 'PUNISHING' Mikel over Olympics - Nigeria coach

promisecrib Mikel Obi
Chelsea Mikel Obi
  • Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr claims Mikel Obi is being "punished" by Premier League club Chelsea for playing at the Rio Olympics.
  • Mikel, 29, missed most of Chelsea pre-season as he helped his country win a bronze medal at the football event of the Summer Olympic Games.
  • He has yet to play for his London club this season even after he rejoined them in August.

Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr claims Mikel Obi is being "punished" by Premier League club Chelsea for playing at the Rio Olympics.
Mikel, 29, missed most of Chelsea pre-season as he helped his country win a bronze medal at the football event of the Summer Olympic Games.
He has yet to play for his London club this season even after he rejoined them in August.
Rohr was recently on a working visit to England and met with Chelsea officials.
"There is a reason why Mikel is not playing for Chelsea right now and that reason is because he played for Nigeria at the Olympics," Rohr said.
"I cannot punish a player who loves his country and shows that he loves the green jersey.
"I spoke about this with Mikel and the club's technical director (Michael Emenalo). Mikel is training very well and he plays games in training with the big players at Chelsea."
Despite his lack of games for Chelsea, Rohr said Mikel will start a decisive World Cup qualifier against Algeria in the southern Nigeria town of Uyo on Saturday.
"He is here with us and he is fit and I hope he can play for 90 minutes against Algeria but if it is not possible, we shall see," said Rohr.
"He is an influential player and I expect him to motivate others from the opening minute, but what I cannot tell you is if he has the strength to play full time."

Victor Moses has promised to deliver for Nigeria against Algeria this Saturday

promise crib
Victor M.
Victor Moses got into a bit of hot water back in his home country during the last international break, when a supposed injury kept him out of the national team squad but not out of any Chelsea matches before or after the international break.  There were even some reports that the Nigerian Football Federation would go after the player with a formal accusation of skipping out on international duty (which apparently could be punished by a ban from club football), but that seemed like a whole lot of nonsense at the time and, sure enough, nothing ever came of it.
Regardless, the 25-year-old is back in with the Super Eagles this time around and looking to continue his stellar form — even though he's unlikely to be playing in the some position as he has been lately at Chelsea.
"I can't say I'm not happy playing as a wing-back, I'm the type who gives his all to his team regardless of where I'm playing from. I'm a forward minded player but I don't mind playing anywhere to help my team."
"Club side and national team are not the same. I can't say where the manager will play me but I'm ready to give my best in any role."
-Victor Moses; source: Omojuwa
Moses has been a revelation at wing-back and he's spoken repeatedly about enjoying the new role, but of course he's experienced plenty of success both at Chelsea and at the national team level while playing as a winger.  Nigeria will need him to be at his best as they take on fellow powerhouse Algeria in World Cup qualifying on Saturday.  The Super Eagles are off to a good start in the final round of qualifiers, winning 2-1 in Zambia in October, while Algeria and Cameroon both dropped points as they drew 1-1.  Only the winner of the four-nation group advances to Russia 2018.

source: weaintgotnohistory

What Trump Win Holds for Nigeria's Economy - Experts

donald trump promisecrib

Experts are reacting to what a Trump presidency holds on the Nigerian economy.
Rislanudeen Muhammad, the former acting managing director/CEO, Unity Bank and CEO, Safmur Investments Limited said the, "United States is the biggest trading partner and most important diplomatic partner to Nigeria. That friendship was clearly demonstrated by the US on the eve Nigeria's election last year when most pundits thought we were going to disintegrate. We surely need to consolidate on that during the presidency of Donald Trump and beyond.
"The US has the largest economy in the world with Gross Domestic Product of USD17.95 trillion as at 2015 or 28.95% of global nominal GDP and second largest according to purchasing power parity."\
  According to him, the "United States is the largest foreign investor in Nigeria with foreign direct investment on petroleum/mining and whole/trade sectors. The United States' exports include wheat, vehicles, machinery etc. while imports include cocoa and rubber among others," he said.
He noted that "there is already a subsisting trade and investment framework for mutual benefit of both countries.
"The US/Nigeria national commission primarily focuses on high level discussions on critical areas like good governance, transparency and integrity, energy, investment, regional security, Niger Delta, agriculture and food security among others," he added.
But Mr. Basil Jev, a Canada-based economic expert said "we should not expect anything different from the way Nigeria fared under Obama or any of the past US presidents, or any other leader of the developed world.
"We are not that helpless! No force on earth can aid or stop us towards becoming a 'thinking nation', where we sincerely thinking through what is best for the common good, the best strategy, and with all honesty and commitment, go out and execute," he said.
He noted that "looking at the bigger picture, GOP or Democrats are flip sides of the same coin. In the end, the forces that shape the country called USA remain unchanged. Their prime focus will remain world dominance and economic subjugation of most nations while focusing on access to critical resources. And damn you if you stand in their way."
He noted that "Trump's victory speech already indicates nothing much is going to change, especially for developing nations like Nigeria. We can make predictions and be hopeful, but like the election results have shown us in recent times across the world, we could be far off!"
Mr. David Unongo, a public affairs commentator based in Abuja said the first concern here is security coordination. Donald Trump is an isolationist and has said he will pull the United States out of NATO. If NATO is in his crosshairs, what is the future of the current US-Nigeria military security arrangement and what is the future of tens of millions of dollars the US has earmarked for the North-east? You do not have a country with resources the US has, nor the counter-terrorism experience to help us drive Boko Haram into extinction. This is going to be a major challenge for Buhari's foreign policy team," he noted.
"Second, where Obama made US the world's largest producer of oil, Trump will go hyper-overdrive on oil production, especially since he now has the house and the senate. Our strategy of trying to encourage OPEC to constrain supply in order to raise prices will become increasingly futile.
"Also, with the role that the US plays in funding the IMF and the World Bank, if Nigeria is hinging her development on obtaining a loan from these organisations, we should expect not to be successful. At the very best, we should expect the loan to come with such onerous conditions as to make any responsible leadership think deeply about the consequences and implications of accepting a loan," he noted.
"Third, when you consider that Trump road into power vowing to rip international trade agreements that his support base feels are responsible for their negative economic outcomes, even though Nigeria has assiduously refused to leverage AGOA as a wealth creation vehicle when Donald Trump finds out what AGOA is, he is likely to kill it. This will remove the most favourable bilateral agreement with the largest market in the world," he said.

source:  all africa

DSS raids BDC, arrested dealers for selling dollar above N400.

Since 'Bureau-de-Change' operators have been forced to fix sales of foreign currencies such as dollar, pounds and euros for fear of sanctions by anti-graft agencies and the Central Bank of Nigeria.
For the past three days, naira has been changing for N400 to a dollar at the parallel market.
A licensed BDC operator in Abuja, Alhaji Yusuf Rabiu, said the recent raid of bureau de change establishments by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission forced the operators to reach such an agreement.
Also, it was agreed that Pound sterling would exchange for N540 and Euros for N500.
dollar and naira exchange promisecrib
Usually, the rate of Forex at the BDC segment is based on demand and supply. When demand is higher than supply, each operator uses his discretion to hike the price. To regulate the segment, CBN recently issued a policy that allowed each BDC to buy dollars from Travelex at N381 per dollar and sell to end users at a maximum of N400 per dollar.
On Wednesday, the Department of State Services (DSS) raided the offices of some BDC in Lagos and arrested operators selling above the stipulated exchange rate.
The DSS operatives posed as end-users who came to purchase dollars from the BDCs. After surveying the market for exchange rate offerings, they arrested some BDC operators who sold above the CBN agreed rates.
“On Monday, EFCC called so many licensed BDC operators. The issue is that they feel we are unnecessarily hiking the rates. But it’s not our fault.
“Right now, their focus is on our business; they have been calling us one by one and we don’t want problem. That is why we have agreed to have a fixed rate for now,” he said,
“After the raid in Lagos, we the Abuja operators met and agreed on a fixed rate so that such will not happen to our members.
Another operator, who preferred anonymity, said the market was slow as people who had dollars were not ready to sell at the existing rate.
He said personally, he had temporarily closed shop to potential customers until he studied the market for the next couple of weeks to determine if the new policy would come to stay.

source: newsnow

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