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Friday, 7 October 2016

5 motivating ways to be a better learner

Change Your Mindset
Just because a certain process or school of thought works currently, it doesn’t mean it’ll continue to do so. Things evolve and to be a good learner, you need to evolve too. Internalise the belief that whatever the situation, there has to be a better way of doing things and then go all out to find that way. With this mindset, people put in more effort into learning and eventually it becomes a continuous habit, says Swapnil Kamat, CEO, Work Better Training.

Pick a Hobby and Be Consistent at It
“When we make an effort to become really good at something, it naturally builds an ability in us to learn other things faster and better,” says Mohit Gundecha, CEO, Jombay.

Seek Feedback
Whether you are a CEO or an intern at a company, make it a habit to seek feedback from people around you — your colleagues, your boss, your subordinates, your family and even your clients and customers. Ask them for their opinion on your ideas, your way of work, etc. And always take this feedback constructively. Don’t be defensive. Instead, try to understand the logic behind the feedback and try to figure out how you can improve. Feedback is undoubtedly one of the best ways of learning, says Kamat.

Challenge Status Quo
Asking a very simple question, “Is there a different, better, faster way of doing whatever we are doing?” can push us to challenge the status quo and learn things that we had restricted ourselves from learning, says Gundecha.

Leverage On-Demand Learning Mechanisms
We learn better when we need to know something than when we are told to learn it. The concept of mobile learning or micro learning for learning reinforcement or on-demand learning is picking up and one can benefit from that, says; 'Gundecha'
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