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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Today's featured article: Deaths in september

Notable persons without
an article can be listed for one month after death
to prompt creation of one. A typical entry
reports information in the following sequence:
Name, age, country of citizenship at birth,
subsequent country of citizenship (if
applicable), reason for notability, cause of
death (if known), and reference.
John Mulvaney, 90, Australian archaeologist.[1]
(death announced on this date)
Gian Luigi Rondi, 94, Italian screenwriter and
film director.[2]
Mahmadu Alphajor Bah, 39, Sierra Leonean
international footballer, traffic collision.[3]
Leonidas Donskis, 54, Lithuanian philosopher
and politician.[4]
Giuseppe Drago (it), 60, Italian politician.[5]
Thaddeus Farrow, 27, son of Mia Farrow,
Shawty Lo, 40, American hip-hop musician
(D4L), traffic collision.[7]
John D. Loudermilk, 82, American singer and songwriter ("Tobacco Road", "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", "Indian Reservation"), bone
cancer.[8] Kalervo Rauhala, 85, Finnish wrestler.
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