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Thursday, 29 September 2016


serial NO.
First contestant to sit and play for the who wants to be a millionaire.
He played the game for up to hour. And setting the hall on heat, he won the first ever huge amount in the w.w.t.b.a.m 64,000 euro
Graham Elwell

First musician notified into a so called music industry, even which after b.c.
The first musician stood over 55,000yrs and has released over a million thousand tracks.
4000yrs after B.C
Yo’ Mama

First customer to buy/own the nokia 3310 mobile.
He reported in an interview that since the company supplied one of its archaic mobile in stock, he was willing ever since to get it first and the record that he didn’t expect that he would be the first user, after the release to buyers.
April 1st, 2000
Jiung Marth
Hong Kong
First owner of an iphone.
Greg Packer of the New York, wasn’t an apple fan though. But is a professional line sitter, which was noticed by a apple blogger  . He made his attempt to be the first man to purchase an ipad as well, but he failed. He was also the first person to sign the “book of conddences’, over Princess Diana’s death, in 1997.
In addition to his fixation with being the first to participate in public events, he also attends public events.
June 29th, 2007
Greg Packer
New York
First person to use a mobile phone in general.
We can’t recall what model it was actually, but it could be traced an image back to what we had in the early times as called a phone.
Born in December, Marty is a pioneer and visionary in the wireless communications industry. Cooper is the lead inventor, named on ‘’radio telephone system’’. Filed on 17th, Oct., 1973 with the U.s. Patent office and later issued as U.S. patent 3,906,166. Be aware that he made use of the Motorola mobile.
Oct. 17th, 1973
Martin ‘Marty’ Cooper
United States
First Nigerian man to drive a car.
Although all average Nigerian would tell that the past Legend; Fela’s Mum: Mrs. Kuti Anikulapo, was the very first woman to drive in an automobile. There’s also that first Nigerian man, to drive in a car.

Thomas Jones, popularly called ‘Tom Jones’
First building on water.
The Venice, built over H2O, seventeen thousand years ago, and its standard to sea level is six feet. Long ago, the buildings were built by using long wooden piles (about 60’ long) driven deep into the ground. The woods used for the construction of piles, was very ‘water resistant’. But even so, it rotted away eventually, per 3 years.
First polytechnic.
While most polytechnics were formed in the expansion of higher education in the 1960’s, some could trace their history, back much further to the early 19th Century. Now the London Polytechnic ‘now a university’ (University of Westminster) in 1838, founded at regent sheet in London and emerged from the royal polytechnic Institution.
London Polytechnic
First Pentecostal Archbishop.
Benson Idahosa Andrew of Nigeria, founded the Church of God Mission International. This has its headquarters in Benin City.

Benson Andrew Idahosa
First triplet family.
One of about 8,100 natural pregnancies, results in triplets, as after Christ era; from 1700’. The Tenskwatawa (1771-1836), shawme prophet and brother of Tecumseh, was one of the first ever set of triplets.    
Tenskwatawa Family
First woman to apply a make-up.
From the earliest Egyptian women and the Roman women, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston (teenage girls). Claimed beauty with a look to the plane mirror, after applying what we generally call ‘cosmetic’ for a purpose to capture attention, as it produces a great effect. From History, make-up, lasted from the 4000B.C. era, but was furiously challenging. Whereby the Egypt women, attaaches only the eye pomade called ‘mesdemant’, by mixing copper and lead ore. But green shades, went to the lower eye lids. If the History was becoming hotter, the earliest Egyptians women, put a mixture of red clay or ochre and water or animal fat on their cheeks and lips. Also applied henna to their nails. When it come to the time-of-removal, they used a particular type of soap, made from vegetable and animals oils and pungent.
4000B.C. era
Angelina Jolie
First supermarket.
Develop by Vincent Astor, in 1915 invested with about $750,00 ($18.5 million in 2016 currency). Selling stocks of meat, fruits, flowers and large factory products.
Astor Market
165’ by 125’ cover of 95th and broad way, Manhattan.
First drug.
Opium was a popular drug amongst which white used for colicky babies more than 100yrs. Crafted from chemicals in the Chinese people’s country (equivalently using opium led). But it also became one of the 1st drugs to be prohibited later in 1914. Alongside Heroine.

First Face book user apart from admin.
This id #1503, was the first id owned by the first user of the face book user’s account login. That means by then, face book would identify its users by their id numbers/codes instead of names.
Apart from the first four face book aspirants, Emerker, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovita & Arie Hasit; who corporately introduced the social network. But the first real fb user stars at id #4. Also the first lady Sarah Godden joined with id #33. 
Sachin Kumar
First stunt award receiver.
The first stunt event, which was presented live in los-Angeles. Just proclaimed as the ‘First Life Time Achievement Award’. The award stands out his great commitments :-
-best flight
-best fire stunt
-best high work
-best overall stunt
-best specialty stunt
-best work with a vehicle and
-best stunt coordinator and/or 2nd unit director.
Arnold Schwazergger
Los Angeles
First flights.
By the Wright Brothers, Orville in August 19th, 1971- January 30th, 1948. But unleashed on Dec. 17th, 1903, travelling 120feet (37m) at a speed of 6.8mph (10.9km/h)
August 19th 1871 – Jan. 30th, 1948.
Wright Brothers

First woman pilot to power an aircraft.
 Not about strongness, but all about the technique. Yes! Has a female piloted an aircraft (plane). Isabel in Stanley Spencer’s Airship Number 1, at Crystal palace, London on 14th July, 1902.
July 14th, 1902
Rose Isabel Spencer

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