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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Why yung6ix claims he's suffering un-(SUCCESS)-fully

In Nigeria, family Conflict has being one of the long time trending challenge. With a percentage of 63% or A/A. But its souced if it was the woman's fault to flee the home or the man's fault to this patternity.
Here is the same case applied to our Nigerian Hip-Hop / dance rap star @Yung6ix's family.
Well, there's no need going further deep in this brief, what we actually tried publicizing was just to leink-up this special newsy gist with its rightful route of 'why, when and what' made yung6ix claimed he's presently suffering from success achievment.
1st, his dad once had issue with his mum and planned to leave her sooner!
So in the process of leaving, he droped a stement which now speaks reality that ''IF YOUGO WITH YOUR MUM, TAKE NOTE THAT YOUR JOURNEY WOULD LACK SUCCESS!'

2nd This happened a flash back from his teenage 17yrs.

What do we think?
Comment below!!!
Cc: prom2pee
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