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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Some Difficult words that can't be translated to fench language

If you’re asking about word-for-word translations then there are lots. In fact between any two languages, expressions don’t translate well, unless you put them in context or find a similar (but it won’t be identical) expression.
Example (already stated): C’est pas la mer à boire=”It’s not the sea to drink.” What it means is the task is not that difficult. In other words, it’s not as hard as drinking the whole sea. But that took a lot of explaining on my part to get the idea across. A similar English expression might be, “You won’t break a sweat.” It gives a similar meaning, but you certainly change the imagery. Here’s another: Pas plus haut que trois pommes. It literally means “no higher than three apples.”
It refers to a very short, small person, generally a little child. In American English we might say, “A little peanut.” Similar, but not identical.
It would take days and days to list all the expressions. This is one of the reasons translation
work is so hard...
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