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Sunday, 7 August 2016

List for New Goods Prize in Mile-12 Market

As for August week1 marketing goods prize in the Mile-12 market of Nigeria, some goods has slight/massive increament in prize. Goods like: Rice, Maize, Palm-oil, Beans, and others...
The list for new prizes:
>> RICE sold last week for =N= 1,333 is now risen to a charged imported fee as =N= 1,457.
>> PALM-OIL onto the 25kg measurement, it was sold for =N= 7,063 as of last week and now resold for =N= 7,286 the increase in prize, reads a higher rate to others goods. A bottle is now sold for =N= 280 from =N= 250 previously.
>> GARRI is being dropped to =N= 12,614 from the last weeks's prize =N= 12,763. But this applies its quantity in a 60kg bag.
>> GROUNDNUT now selling at =N= 25,000 from =N= 25,500 sold per 100kg bag.
>> MAIZE also had a crazy rise from the last week's prize =N= 11,375 to =N= 12,829. This report was generated from the N.S.E. Market reports.
>> BEANS the local kinds such as ; olotu, oloyin and the whit type... Now hit the market with a new prize from =N= 24,000 to =N= 25,714

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