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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chunky fact from a place in the world Today: DO YOU KNOW IT'S AN HARRASSMENT TO STARE AT A WOMAN FOR UP TO 14 SECs._____ part1

Bangalore Mirror Bureau [ Gladwin Emmanuel ]
Senior Kerala IPS officer Rishi Raj Singh has created a furore with his comment that if a man stares annoyingly at a woman for 14 seconds he can be charged with harassment. However not everyone was amused with Singh's specific definition of harassament with sports minister EP Jayarajan terming the comments as "disgusting".
He even said that he would ask the excise minister to examine the speech made by the IPS officer. Excise commissioner Rishi Raj Singh was addressing a state-level empowerment programme for students at Kochi on Sunday when he told the participants that if a man annoyingly stares at a woman for 14 seconds a case can be registered against him. He also asked the girls and women to carry a knife or pepper spray in their handbags for self-defence. 52369555
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