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Friday, 19 August 2016

9 Amuzing Facts from the Crib

Did you kno that;

1. Only muslims drives the Big_Trucks in Nigeria ?

2. Only the Northern men (fulani/malams) would dress in normal and good looking outfit and then top their feet with bathroom slippers?

3. The hardest and successful job in the world is to complete the making of a sky-scrapper?

4. Water has colour. YES! It does, only if you would ask from a paint ARTIST.

5. Since january1st, 2016 no heavy sign / sounds of thunder?

6. The recent Lexus ride in Nigeria, is a 2005-2007 Brand and is a product of Toyota?

7. People travel everyday in Nigeria?

8. Lagos state produced the highest sum of bloggers for the history?

9. Maggi is celebrating their 58th years, this august 2016?
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