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Friday, 26 August 2016

22 places Buhari has travelled to

Its so funny enough, that i cross-Viewed the Achievements of Nigeria President Mohammadu Buhari within and exceeding his 100 days in the Official Post as the first most Recognised Individual of the country. NOTHING was amazing than a crazy interluded fact, as he has spent the total period of His re-gime, TRAVELLING round the world.
See full list of countries below:
1. Niger Republic (June2015)
2. Chad (June2015)
3. Germany (June2015)
4. South Africa (June2015, December2015)
5. USA (July-September2015, March2016)
6. Cameroon (July2015)
7. Benin Republic (August-December2015,
8. France (September2015, February2016)
9. Ghana (September2015)
10. India (October2015)
11. Sudan (October2015)
12. Iran (November2015)
13. Malta (November2015)
14. UAE (January2016)
15. Kenya (January2016)
16. Ethiopia (January2016)
17. United Kingdom (February2016)
18. Egypt (February2016)
19. Saudi Arabia (February2016)
20. Qatar (February2016)
21. Equatorial Guinea
22. China

Still Travelling
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