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Sunday, 7 August 2016

2 most incredible discovery of all time for the week

* Researchers Get to the Bottom of the Female Orgasm : The role of the female orgasm has been a head-scratcher for centuries. Statistics show it's an "uncommon" occurrence during heterosexual intercourse, and the lack of correlation between orgasm and number of offspring deepen the mystery—which scientists at Yale and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital may have "solved." They think it has something to do with the way humans, and other mammals, do and do not ovulate.

* Here's Why Amish Kids Don't Get Asthma as Often : You're probably less likely to see an Amish kid carrying around an inhaler, because they don't seem to get asthma as often as other kids —and researchers think it's because of the cows. In a new study, scientists theorize that microbes from dairy farms may provide protection. Cows aren't exactly a practical health solution, but researchers have an idea
about how to apply the findings.
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