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Friday, 19 August 2016

17 Local Blog Facts For 2016

Even when life still goes on with while blogging, most entrepreneurs and audiences had not yet realised that some possibilities in the blogosphere, is nowhere to be a fiction fact.
*Bloggers blogging blog* and issues of blog blogging is hereby retained to total facts in appearances.
So, Did You Know that;
1. is the only easiest platform to creating and having a responcive blog?
2. Google are the major publishers Host for Blogspot Blog Users?
3. Linda Ikejis Blog has not less than 5 unrelated Published ads in her blog?
4. Prom2pee's Blog is the only blog in 2016 to get adsense approval, within 3 months of services. That's not all, and no Ads code were placed in it?
5. Only tutorials blog, has its post with not less than 698words count?
6. The maximum blog that could be owned by a single gmail account is 100?
7. Google also have their special platform for hosting blogs?
8. Helplogger >>the tutorials blo, has many years of assisting in adsense approval effect, but theirs have no adsense ads on it...
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