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MTN Project-fame9 put all Contestants on probation this week

This week on MTN Project Fame9, all the contestants were placed on probation.
Fans nd followers of the MTN Project Fame can expect an interesting show next week as all 14contestants were placed on probation by the judges.
Even more interesting is the return of Winner following protests by the audience during the last elimination show. The judges couldn’t agree any less with the audience’s wish for the singer to return to the academy after she was initially axed. The week’s show also had Reggae Blues crooner=Harrysong as special Guest judge, who goes by the moniker *Baba For The Girls*, was visibly impressed by the talents on display.

The theme for the week’s performance was 'AFRICAN CONTEMPORARY MUSIC' and the contestants thrilled the judges and the audience to great singing and spectacular dance moves. The stage served as Elizabeth performs Love Don’t Care by Simi. Pere performed Surulere by Dr.Sid ft DonJazzy. Eli performed Fall_in_love by Dbanj. Kittay with Mama by KissDani…

22 places Buhari has travelled to

Its so funny enough, that i cross-Viewed the Achievements of Nigeria President Mohammadu Buhari within and exceeding his 100 days in the Official Post as the first most Recognised Individual of the country. NOTHING was amazing than a crazy interluded fact, as he has spent the total period of His re-gime, TRAVELLING round the world.
See full list of countries below:
1. Niger Republic (June2015)
2. Chad (June2015)
3. Germany (June2015)
4. South Africa (June2015, December2015)
5. USA (July-September2015, March2016)
6. Cameroon (July2015)
7. Benin Republic (August-December2015,
8. France (September2015, February2016)
9. Ghana (September2015)
10. India (October2015)
11. Sudan (October2015)
12. Iran (November2015)
13. Malta (November2015)
14. UAE (January2016)
15. Kenya (January2016)
16. Ethiopia (January2016)
17. United Kingdom (February2016)
18. Egypt (February2016)
19. Saudi Arabia (February2016)
20. Qatar (February2016)
21. Equatorial Guinea
22. China

Still Travelling

Download Oche - Dear God by Oche (mp3)

Download the latest track from Nigerian Upcoming artiste OCHE, when you click on the link below
Listen, enjoy and share with friends....
Download Oche - Dear God by Oche (mp3)

Man that named his dog Buhari, just released from prison today

Joachim Iroko, a 41 year-old trader charged
in Ogun State for allegedly naming and
inscribing ‘Buhari’ on his pet dog, has been
released from prisons after meeting his bail
Mr. Iroko faces a one-count charge of
intention to cause breach of public peace.
He was arraigned before Bolaji Ojikutu of
Sango-Otta Magistrate’s Court on Monday
morning and was subsequently granted a
N50,000 bail.
He was transferred to prisons while his
family sought money for his released.
Mr. Iroko met his bail conditions yesterday
after receiving about N90,000 through
fundraising appeal coordinated by a human
rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong.
He was released around noon on Thursday
and went straight to his residence in Sango-
Otta, Ogun State.
Mr. Iroko was first arrested on August 14 after police received complaints from a
neighbour, Halilu Umar, that he had named his dog ‘Buhari’ in an apparent attempt to
ridicule his father, whose name is ‘Alhaji Buhari’.

Andriod Nougat version7.0, set to be Launched 22nd August, 2016

LG V20 is taking that glory first
-where they will be launching the first new
phone to run Nougat on
September 6. But then, the Nexus Update
will be arriving sooner or
later – and they are also
letting Korean testers take
the OS for a run on the G5
starting August 22.
Meaning that LG wouldn’t
be releasing this before Google’s own builds, all
signs point to a launch next
week. Yeah, we already knew it
would arrive in August, and
there are two big clues pointing to that specific release date. And the reporters points to Canadian operator flat-out
listing an Android N‘ Update’ for the Nexus 6P
and Nexus 5X on that date.
The August 22 update will
likely just be for Nexus phones. But if you’re really
impatient, you can just download the betas, which
are on the final public

KENYAN˚Cheruiyot Vivian exposed her Friendship with JAMAICAN˚Usain Bolt

–>Vivian Cheruiyot won gold in the women’s 5ooo metres as well as breaking the Olympic
record<–> Cheruiyot also won the silver medal in the women’s 10000 metres behind Ethiopian Almaz Ayana<– The Kenyan star revealed her friendship with Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt.

Vivian Cheruiyot made rewrote history when she
won Kenya’s first gold medal in the women’s 5000 metres. But before her race, the Kenyan star was seen having a talk with Jamaican sprint star Usain
Bolt. Cheruiyot revealed to journalists after the race
that she Bolt were good friends and they were also under the same athletics management. Vivian Cheruiyot and Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics, Cheruiyot said Bolt was her close friend and had given her pep talk before her victory in the 5000m race.
Cheruiyot said she had shared a few motivational words with the Jamaican star before her 5,000 meters final.
Remember; just friendship, not upto what made you read deeper [as in; a relationship?]

6 steps to follow, if you need a male child

The male sperm swims slower and its weaker, but during ovulation, sperm is more likely to get fertilised. 24 hours before the woman ovulates and 12 hours after ovulation. Maintain an ovulation chart and your cycle to be more accurate.
This might sound a myth but there its proven. Sex positions like ''Doggy-style, Straddling & Standing-up'' is recommended from the usual mood. The male sperm get deposited closer to the cervix when in the vagina. **Male sperms are fast swimmers but travel shorter distance**. This way, there is increased chances of fertilisation of egg.
4. PREVENTING HOT BATH: hot bath for men, weakens and makes sperms production more watery. **Not recommending for men looking for boy**
5. GIVING THE MALE SPOUSE COFFEE DRINK REGULARLY: Incase you hardly and/or rearly knew that taking enough coffee, makes the sperm cell Undisputable and Super-Active.

6 steps to follow, if you need a male child

The male sperm swims slower and its weaker, but during ovulation, sperm is more likely to get fertilised. 24 hours before the woman ovulates and 12 hours after ovulation. Maintain an ovulation chart and your cycle to be more accurate.
This might sound a myth but there its proven. Sex positions like ''Doggy-style, Straddling & Standing-up'' is recommended from the usual mood. The male sperm get deposited closer to the cervix when in the vagina. **Male sperms are fast swimmers but travel shorter distance**. This way, there is increased chances of fertilisation of egg.

4. PREVENTING HOT BATH: hot bath for men, weakens and makes sperms production more watery. **Not recommending for men looking for boy**

5. GIVING THE MALE SPOUSE COFFEE DRINK REGULARLY: Incase you hardly and/or rearly knew that taking enough coffee, usually makes the sperm cell Undisputable and super-active.


RIO_Olympics 2016: ISAEV R. New Taekwando Champion

In the Olympics2016 games of +80Kg Taekwando, Isaev has just got his Golden medal for the Gold stand. He measures his score limit against the Nigé Republic's fighter as '6-1'...
GREAT FIGHT though, as he made special fighting tactics on stage. Had a double '+3_points' by attacking the head of his opponent and the slap strong kick he's got in his leg.
Straight with his fans, he wishes them his happiness in receiving the gold honour. Remember; in the RIO_Olympics for 2016, Isaev R. Is now the recently crowned Champion.

Cc: prom2pee'

RIO_olympics 2016: Eliud Kipchoge won the marathon race

We now have the medal winnersfor the 21st of August, 2016 Rio-Olympics ladies and gentlemen:
1st_P>> Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) - *2:08:44[time] - Gold
2nd_P>> Fesiya Lilesa (Ethiopia) - *2:09:54[time] - Silver
3rd_P>> Galen Rupp (USA) - *2:10:05 [time]- Bronze at 35 minutes ago, Eliud Kipchoge has produced some stunning acceleration in the last moments to finish the marathon in 2hours:08minutes:44seconds
.....35 minutes ago
.....again, as at 36 minutes ago, He is edging toward the finish here. at 37 minutes ago, Kipchoge looks to be in his zone and is on his way to a gold medal. He has absolutely destroyed it in the second half. He can now smell gold here.

more updates from Rio Olympics 2016, just chill for more....
Cc: prom2pee'

Godwin Emefiele Newly Elected as the president for African Central Bank

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, has been elected as the President of the Association of African Central Banks (AACB). Emefiele, who was elected at the 39th Ordinary meeting of the Assembly of Governors of the AACB, will be president of the association for the Year 2016 to 2017. This is contained in a communiqué issued in Abuja on Friday. The communiqué added that
he will succeed Lucas Nchama, Governor of the Banque des �tats de l’Afrique Centrale (BEAC).
To work with Emefiele are the governor of the Bank of Ghana as chairman of the West African sub-region; governor of the Central Bank of Mauritania, chairman of the North African sub-region; and the governor of the Bank of Central African States, chairman of the central African sub-region.

9 Amuzing Facts from the Crib

Did you kno that;

1. Only muslims drives the Big_Trucks in Nigeria ?

2. Only the Northern men (fulani/malams) would dress in normal and good looking outfit and then top their feet with bathroom slippers?

3. The hardest and successful job in the world is to complete the making of a sky-scrapper?

4. Water has colour. YES! It does, only if you would ask from a paint ARTIST.

5. Since january1st, 2016 no heavy sign / sounds of thunder?

6. The recent Lexus ride in Nigeria, is a 2005-2007 Brand and is a product of Toyota?

7. People travel everyday in Nigeria?

8. Lagos state produced the highest sum of bloggers for the history?

9. Maggi is celebrating their 58th years, this august 2016?

17 Local Blog Facts For 2016

Even when life still goes on with while blogging, most entrepreneurs and audiences had not yet realised that some possibilities in the blogosphere, is nowhere to be a fiction fact.
*Bloggers blogging blog* and issues of blog blogging is hereby retained to total facts in appearances.
So, Did You Know that;
1. is the only easiest platform to creating and having a responcive blog?
2. Google are the major publishers Host for Blogspot Blog Users?
3. Linda Ikejis Blog has not less than 5 unrelated Published ads in her blog?
4. Prom2pee's Blog is the only blog in 2016 to get adsense approval, within 3 months of services. That's not all, and no Ads code were placed in it?
5. Only tutorials blog, has its post with not less than 698words count?
6. The maximum blog that could be owned by a single gmail account is 100?
7. Google also have their special platform for hosting blogs?
8. Helplogger >>the tutorials blo, has many years of assisting in adsense approval effect, …

13-Years old Nigerian, stands as 4Th place in the African Spelling Bee

13-years-old Jesse Oghenekaro Azaino, recently has made Nigerians proud when he came fourth out of 27-spellers at the first *Africa Spelling Bee Competition* which recently took place in Johannesburg, South Africa.
9 African countries participated in the continental event with three spellers from each country.
South African speller, Zameer Dada, came 1st followed by Ethiopia and Kenya.
Azaino had emerged one of the three winners in the Nigeria Spelling Bee competition earlier this
year in Abuja to qualify for the continental event.
The National Coordinator of Nigeria Spelling Bee; Mr. Sam Otitolaiye, disclosed in Kaduna, that the next edition of Africa Spelling bee will come
up in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in 2017.
The competition is for secondary schools pupils
across Nigeria and will take place at state, zonal and national levels. The star prize for the competition is =N=1 million.

Some Difficult words that can't be translated to fench language

If you’re asking about word-for-word translations then there are lots. In fact between any two languages, expressions don’t translate well, unless you put them in context or find a similar (but it won’t be identical) expression.
Example (already stated): C’est pas la mer à boire=”It’s not the sea to drink.” What it means is the task is not that difficult. In other words, it’s not as hard as drinking the whole sea. But that took a lot of explaining on my part to get the idea across. A similar English expression might be, “You won’t break a sweat.” It gives a similar meaning, but you certainly change the imagery. Here’s another: Pas plus haut que trois pommes. It literally means “no higher than three apples.”
It refers to a very short, small person, generally a little child. In American English we might say, “A little peanut.” Similar, but not identical.
It would take days and days to list all the expressions. This is one of the reasons translation
work is so hard...

Some Slangs From the Crib

Other terms relating to 'house, home':
projects, the
Definitions include: high-crime, low-income
urban housing developments.
Definitions include: an impressive buffet of food.
Definitions include: a residence.
Definitions include: small breasted.
Definitions include: house.
Definitions include: See the projects.
tornado magnet
Definitions include: a mobile home.
PJs, the
Definitions include: "the projects".
Definitions include: home.
Definitions include: clothing
Definitions include: to lend (money).
p*ssy palace
Definitions include: a residence that helps in
attracting women.
Definitions include: a residence or work place.
Definitions include: annoyed, angry, upset,

Nigerian Police Force, Arrested a Man, who named His Pet(Dog) Buhari.

Relatives of Chinakwe believe their brother has not committed any offence in giving his dog a name. One of such relatives, Chiedozie, spoke on behalf of the family saying; “Chinakwe is a lover of dogs and he names them after things that tickle him. He bought this dog a year ago and named it Buhari.
Unfortunately, some Northerners who dominate
the vicinity where he resides, misconstrued his intention and connived to take him up.” Confirming Chinakwe’s arrest, the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Abimbola Oyeyemi, said: “He didn’t only name the dog Buhari, but boldly wrote Buhari on the body of both sides of the dog and was seen parading the neighbourhood dominated by Northerners with it. We are charging him to court for conduct likely to cause a breach of peace. You know an average Northerner will feel bad over such a
thing. It can cause serious ethnic crisis or religious confrontation because when you are relegating such name to a certain person, you are
indirectly insult…

50 children are mine, says; Mrs. Hilda Dokubo

Here is what she said:
“I do this through training. I have 50 kids who are not my biological children. I have three biological children, but I’ve adopted 50 others.
These children need support and I can give them that. What I do is pay their school fees, buy them clothes and give them food. I also help them find homes.”
“Acting is like my second life. If you say I left acting , it is like saying that I died. What happened was I felt like giving back to the society that has loved me so much. I chose to go back to work with communities, see and feel like
real people. I’m not done doing community work, but this is my time to come back and share those experiences in my work. I never left Nollywood, it was just a small break which was worthwhile.” On reconciling with her husband, Karo Mrakpor after a long separation.



SPORTS BRIEF: Barcelona targeting obscure Premier League striker


How to delete an old post from FACEBOOK profile

The leading social-media; Facebook is one location where you can find all your memories and photos that you've shared with your friends. Moreover, it also reminds you of those memories by popping them up on your Facebook wall time and again. But sometimes, those old posts might be some that you don't want others to see. Don't worry, as it's easy to delete those old posts so that they no longer show up on your Facebook Timeline. Before getting started, you have to check how your Timeline looks like to Facebook users who are not in your friend list. To check that, just go to your Timeline, click on the three dots on the right of the Activity Log button, and select the
'View as' option. In case you don't like anything, click on the globe icon and change the 'Public' option to 'Friends,' 'Only Me' or 'Custom'. You can also delete the post by clicking on the 'X' button. Here are some ways to delete old posts from your Face…

Top5 methods on how to post INSTAGRAM stories

Step 1:
Click on the 'plus' sign on the top left corner. You can also access the same by swiping right on your main feed.
Step 2: Once that's done, the camera view that allows you to take a picture will be opened up. Obviously, it is easy to toggle between front and rear cameras.
Step 3:
The photos can be edited by using either
filters or text. You can select from up to 7 different filters by swiping right. It's also possible to add typed or handwritten (through on-screen
gestures) on the pictures.
Step 4:
You can either save the picture to the gallery by tapping the download button on the right, or post it as an Instagram story by tapping
on the center button.
That's all it takes to post your Instagram stories. The stories appears as circular icon on the top of your Instagram news feed, showing all the stories from the people you follow. When you tap on one of these circles, you'll see that particular user's Instagram story…

Chunky fact from a place in the world Today: DO YOU KNOW IT'S AN HARRASSMENT TO STARE AT A WOMAN FOR UP TO 14 SECs._____ part2

"Do you carry a knife or chilly or pepper spray in your bags? if you don't the time is long overdue for you to do so," he reportedly told the participants. Martial arts is another option of self-defence for women, he added exhorting women to instantly react and inform the police if they were harassed by men. Reacting to Rishi Raj Singh's "14 seconds stare" statement, sports minister Jayarajan described it as "disgusting". Jayarajan said he will bring this to the notice of the excise minister and ask him to examine the controversial speech.
Last year the UDF government had initiated action against Singh for allegedly breaching protocol at a function attended by home minister Ramesh Chennithala. An inquiry was initiated after Singh had failed to stand up and salute the minister when the latter arrived at the Police Academy in Thrissur for a passing out parade.

Chunky fact from a place in the world Today: DO YOU KNOW IT'S AN HARRASSMENT TO STARE AT A WOMAN FOR UP TO 14 SECs._____ part1

Bangalore Mirror Bureau [ Gladwin Emmanuel ]
Senior Kerala IPS officer Rishi Raj Singh has created a furore with his comment that if a man stares annoyingly at a woman for 14 seconds he can be charged with harassment. However not everyone was amused with Singh's specific definition of harassament with sports minister EP Jayarajan terming the comments as "disgusting".
He even said that he would ask the excise minister to examine the speech made by the IPS officer. Excise commissioner Rishi Raj Singh was addressing a state-level empowerment programme for students at Kochi on Sunday when he told the participants that if a man annoyingly stares at a woman for 14 seconds a case can be registered against him. He also asked the girls and women to carry a knife or pepper spray in their handbags for self-defence. 52369555

5 Reasons Why Students Leave IITs, IIMs

People want to somehow move to the better option, better institute.

* As the fee levied at these institutes is not huge, it makes it easier for students to change their minds and opt for another college.
* Most youngsters preferred Mumbai and New Delhi over other locations. Hence, many moved from IITs in other locations to these cities.
* Students tend to dropout when if they don't get a good branch. If they get architecture in IIT and computer science in NIT, they will leave IIT for NIT. Such things do happen a lot.
* Adding that in western countries like the United States, it is mandated that leaving students pay a
fee for blocking seats. Here, the Supreme Court insists that you cannot levy more than a sum of Rs 1,000 when a student leaves.
* Academic pressure could be another reason why students leave such premier institutes, opined Srikkanth Sridhar, a student at the IIM, Bangalore.

U.K. Science Blast: Women Are also From Mars, As Men Does

'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' by American writer John Gray had popularized the idea that each gender's supposedly different behaviour was linked to physical and hormonal differences in their brains. The book, which is due to be made into a film starring Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon, even argued that housework benefitted women by boosting their hormones.
"Men and women not only communicate differently, they think, feel, perceive, react, respond, love, need, and appreciate differently,"
the book claimed. But Rippon argues such studies are "neurotrash"
riddled with flaws and reflecting the bias of
researchers. "Sex differences in the brain have been extensively researched, widely reported and enthusiastically believed but modern brain-scanning techniques show there are few real
differences -- and the interpretations are borne
more from prejudice than science," she said....

News: A Brief, Unto Vicky Kaushal's movie step

Vicky Kaushal had given an interview for a job
as a telecommunication engineer and had even
got selected for it, but refused to take up the job
to pursue his passion for acting. He said, "I had a
job letter in my hand after completing my
engineering in 2009, which I tore apart. I wanted
to give the job interview because I knew that
after this, nobody would take my interview in the film industry.. I wanted to live this episode." We are so glad he followed his passion and chose to be an actor!

Ranks for the best listed countries in the world and according to Millennials

The rankings evaluate
The 60 countries across 24 rankings.
Here are the results:
______Best Countries Overall_______
1. Canada
2. Germany
3. United Kingdom
4. Japan
5. United States

To Live
1. Australia
2. Canada
3. Italy
4. New Zealand
5. Sweden

For Dating
1. Brazil
2. Italy
3. Spain
4. Australia
5. New Zealand
To Start a Career

*****1. China
2. Germany
3. United States
4. United Kingdom
5. Canada

News brief today: MILLENNIALS, NAMED CANADA THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD read details below***'

In todays brief, Millennials named Canada the best country in the world in a new ranking that aims to reveal how countries are perceived by 18-35-year-olds around the world.
According to the report prepared jointly by U.S.
News & World Report, BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, millennials expressed the highest regard for Canada, which topped the category of best country overall, followed by Germany and
the U.K.
Australia topped the category of best country for living, while Brazil was named the best
country for dating and China the best country for starting a career.
"Millennials will play a significant role in
shaping national economies worldwide for
decades to come," said Brian Kelly, editor and
chief content officer of U.S. News in a statement.
"Capturing their perceptions is valuable in
helping to determine the current and future
possibilities of economic, political and cultural
success in nations."

Download Akin - Omo Ele (Produced By DJ Coublon) by Akin (mp3)

Download Akin - Omo Ele (Produced By DJ Coublon) by Akin (mp3)

Omo ele wa jo!!!...
Omo AKIN is a new celebrity here in Nigeria. And not only that, but he has dropped an explicit single for ladies mostly and guys....
Download, listen and dance to our omo ele

Download Magnito - If I Get Money Eh! by Magnito (mp3)

Download Magnito - If I Get Money Eh! by Magnito (mp3)
This mp3 recent track for 2016 is so special, in the sense that its lyrical features stands dependable for you all to fix-in yours VERSE..
So hurry now and get your own file format from @magnito
And listen to it.

Why yung6ix claims he's suffering un-(SUCCESS)-fully

In Nigeria, family Conflict has being one of the long time trending challenge. With a percentage of 63% or A/A. But its souced if it was the woman's fault to flee the home or the man's fault to this patternity.
Here is the same case applied to our Nigerian Hip-Hop / dance rap star @Yung6ix's family.
Well, there's no need going further deep in this brief, what we actually tried publicizing was just to leink-up this special newsy gist with its rightful route of 'why, when and what' made yung6ix claimed he's presently suffering from success achievment.
1st, his dad once had issue with his mum and planned to leave her sooner!
So in the process of leaving, he droped a stement which now speaks reality that ''IF YOUGO WITH YOUR MUM, TAKE NOTE THAT YOUR JOURNEY WOULD LACK SUCCESS!'

2nd This happened a flash back from his teenage 17yrs.

What do we think?
Comment below!!!
Cc: prom2pee

Director of Information, Onuorah Abuah, dies at 57years.

The Director of Information of the State
House, Justin Onuorah Abuah has died. He was
57 years old.
A statement by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, released today said Abuah died in Abuja on Sunday, August 14th after a brief illness.
Adesina in his statement said Abuah had a long and rich career at the Presidency where he served seven past Nigerian leaders since 1986 when he joined the State House Media Office from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
A native of Asaba, Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State, Abuah is
survived by his wife, Loretta and three children
(Chinedum, Chike and Amaechi).

mission to stop AIDS soon

Lesson Common Core Standards:CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.9-10.3 Analyze how the author unfolds an analysis or series of ideas or events, including the order in which the points are made, how they are introduced and developed, and the connections that are drawn between them.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.9-10.7Analyze various accounts of a subject told in different mediums (e.g., a person's life story in both print and multimedia), determining which details are emphasized in each account.
You will be able to analyze how authors unfold a series of reporting on HIV prevention methods in multiple cities in order to create a resource addressing an HIV prevention method that could support reducing HIV in your own communities.
Warm up:Make a list of things you know to be true about HIV. Consider the following as you make your list: How does someone contract HIV? What does HIV do to the body if it is not treated? What is the difference between HIV and Aids? How can someone prevent getting HIV? What trea…

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer React to Hillary's Nomination, Diss Ben Franklin

The year is 1776. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are delegates of the Second Continental Congress, and they're taking questions from 2016 Stephen Colbert via satellite. Cool—except when they freak out over Hillary Clinton's nomination, then re-freak out all over again when they find out 1) the year on the other end of the screen and 2) that Hils isn't even president (yet).

So good—especially when Colbert's like, "Um, maybe you should be more specific about what exactly 'All men are created equal' means"—that we'll just let the whole space-time continuum thing slide. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer React to Hillary's Nomination, Diss Ben Franklin

50 Times Barack Obama Made Your Heart sweat

In honor of the Commander in Chief's 55th birthday today, take a look back at his sweetest and silliest moments behind the scenes at the White House and beyond.
From: Harper's Bazaar read from here:

history today: Simone Manuel Becomes First Black Woman To Win Individual Olympic Gold Medal In Swimming

ForRIO DE JANEIRO (Simone Manuel) managed to make history and break a record, all in less than a minute.
Manuel became the first African-American woman to win an individual event in Olympic swimming on Thursday night. She and Penny Oleksiak of Canada tied for the fastest time, an Olympic record in the women’s 100-meter freestyle: 52.70 seconds. “I definitely think it raises some awareness and will get them inspired,” Manuel, 20, said about the significance of her accomplishment. “I mean, the gold medal wasn’t just for me. It was for people that came before me and inspired me to stay in the sport. For people who believe that they can’t do it, I hope I’m an inspiration to others to get out there and try swimming. You might be pretty good at it.” Manuel is sharing a room with another record-setting American swimmer, Katie Ledecky, in the athletes’ village here. She and Oleksiak shaved 0.01 seconds off the Olympic standard of 52.71, set earlier in the Rio Games meet by Australia’s Cate C…

Prophet accused of abducting 16-yr-old girl said he wanted to cast out demons from her

A self-acclaimed prophetDavid Ifunaya, arrested by the Lagos State Police Command  for allegedly abducting a 16-year-old Muslim girl, sent the operatives into reels of laughter when he said he wanted to cast out demons from the girl and to liberate her family from evil spirits. The 26-year-old Ifunaya who said he is a prophet with Immaculate Ministry in Satellite Town, further told the police that he had a vision to set the girl and her family free and was only obeying divine instructions. While parading the suspect before newsmen, the State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the suspect abducted the victim for three weeks after the teenager told him that her father is a herbalist. “Throughout her stay in his place, neither did he nor his victim call her parents, who were searching everywhere for her. She was later traced to the suspect’s home in Satellite area of Lagos, following which her parents reported the case to police.” While confessing, Ifunaya said: “I met the girl …