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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The records reported that: a Doctors performs the first- ever U.S. penis transplant

The recipient was 64-year-old Thomas
Manning, who had to amputate part of his
penis in 2012 after suffering from penile
The surgery took 15 hours over May 8 and
9, taking time to match up the vascular
and neural structures of the donor penis
and the recipient’s body. And before that,
researchers from multiple departments of
the hospital worked for more than three
years on the concept. The goals of a penis
transplant are to reconstruct the
appearance, make the urinary process
work, and then possibly regain sexual
The hospital said doctors were “cautiously
optimistic” that Manning will regain all
the function he lost from cancer.
According to the New York Times,
Manning had been left with an inch-long
“stump” after cancer and felt hopeless
when it came to relationships with women.
There has only been one other successful
penis transplant in the world; in 2014, a
South African transplant recipient fathered
a child.
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