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Friday, 29 July 2016

the reason why microsoft bought LINKEDIN

     Let’s assume, you’re a business productivity consultant assigned to a new client. What do think would be the best way to get up to speed on their organizational culture and needs?
  Simple: You talk to a lot of people. You find out about their backgrounds, their roles, their interests. You read what they’ve written. You listen in on their conversations.

Let’s say you want to be a business productivity consultant to every organization on the face of the earth. What’s the best way to learn everything about how people work, all at once?
It’s simple. Swallow LinkedIn.
That’s just what Microsoft did, because that’s just what Microsoft wants to be.

Beyond the low-hanging fruit. 

  There are a lot of good reasons for Microsoft to acquire the professional social network, even at a $26.2 billion price tag. Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration stack has giant holes in the areas of expertise location, contact management and content publishing that SharePoint has never really been able to fill. Lots of large companies have been using LinkedIn as their informal organizational directory for years anyway. Formal integration with Microsoft back office technologies can only help.
LinkedIn is a treasure-trove of data to help Microsoft’s digital advertising unit target all-important business-decision makers. It instantly vaults Microsoft into the B2B marketing and advertising data authority for programmatic content aimed at professionals.

source: forbes
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