TerryG.'s music banned from events use by Nigerian Djs Association -part 2: promiseCRIB'

Mr Gabriel Oche
Amanyi aka Terry G have been given
verbal warning on several occasions in
recent times.
On Sunday the 5th of June 2016 at the
Muson Center, Lagos State, Nigeria, a
music/comedy show held and Terry G was
not among the artiste billed to perform, he
begged the organizers until he was told to
perform for seven minutes, but he got on
stage already tipsy and after about 18
minutes on stage insulting everyone, the
organizers asked the DJ to play a different
song by another artist, no sooner had the
song began to play that Terry G descended
on the DJ who was the head DJ of Jatt
Incorporated. Beyond assault, the DJ
sustained various degree of injuries on his
face; right in front of the legendary Dj
Jimmy Jatt.
This type of violence and physical abuse is
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