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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Paul pogba gets highest paid

The supposed Barcelona pre-agreement,
handshake deal, promises-promises-never-
had-a-doubt or whatever it may be has
apparently set Pogba's annual salary at
£8.8m. As we mentioned when talking
about our rejected offer, that's a net
amount: a net amount of just under £170k
p/w. In England however, wages get
reported in gross figures (i.e. before tax),
which would mean a weekly wage of £318k
for the midfielder. By contrast, to the best
of our knowledge, we pay Eden Hazard
and Oscar a combined £300k per week. The
total financial commitment to Pogba, as
the tabloids have helpfully summed it up,
would be £82m. And that's before we
consider that a transfer fee approaching a
similar amount would have to be paid to
Juventus in the first place. And here we
thought the £50m (fee) + £50m (wages)
committed to Fernando Torres was a lot!
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