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Friday, 10 June 2016

Niger Delta Avengers now reveals what they need

New militant group » , Niger Delta Avengers
(NDA) has said that it is fighting for the return of
the region’s resources to its people.
The group made the revelation via a statement
released by its spokesperson, Brig. Gen Mudoch
Agbinibo today, June 9, 2016.
The statement reads:
Since the day crude oil was discovered in
commercial quantity and quality in Oloibiri,
present day Bayelsa state, what we have being
asking from successive governments in Nigeria is
portable drinking water in the midst of plenty of
water mass, electricity, roads, employment,
quality education/educational facilities, resource
control, participation in the oil business and
inclusive governance that will engender
substantial freedom.
The reserve have been the case, from Oloibiri,
Brass LNLG and export terminals in Bayelsa;
Bonny LNLG and export terminals in River state;
ExxonMobil in Akwa Ibom; Escravos EGTL/
Tankfarm and export terminals; Forcados
Tankfarm and export terminals in Delta state
operated respectively by Anglo-Dutch Shell,
Chevron/Texaco Over seas, Agip ENI, ExxonMobil.
The history of the communal lives is terror of
poverty, inhumanity and desolate living
conditions. But when you move into these
facilities operated by the Multinational Oil
Corporations, they are living like Kings and
For over five decades, we have given
Multinational Oil Corporations and their
collaborator the Nigerian State peace, cooperation
and love for the crude oil to flow unhindered from
our land.
The continuous tranquillity is only manifesting in
the development of mountains, rock, valleys,
deserts and lagoon but the Niger Delta territory
continually alienated from all types of
development and all essence of quality human
life. Meanwhile all successive governments
worships the crude oil taken from the region. Our
communities and the people are only good at
securing the pipelines, oil and gas facilities. What
a tragedy?
We are calling on the international community
especially Britain, France, the United State of
America, Russia, China and European Union to
speak up against this ongoing terror and come to
the aid of the Niger Delta, as witnesses to this
grave inhumanity and history of terror
perpetuated against the people of the Niger Delta
This history of terror, we the Niger Delta Avengers
will resist and correct with every means
necessary. We have nothing to lose in the battles
ahead; justice they say is only found within the
structure of a nation state, rather than provide
this justice the Nigerian government has decided
to mobilise her military might to intimidate,
torture, maim, victimise and bombard a section of
the nation state and her citizenry to allow the free
flow of our oil.
Some persons, groups, and commentators may
ask, what do the people of Niger delta want? We
are not like some of these personalities who run
champagne parties or turn Rivers State
Government House into a house patrimony of
god-sons and prebendalism.
They says the progress and success of a nation
state is the reflection of her constitution that is
not manufactured to favour some section and
excludes the yearning and aspirations of others;
but the indwelling spiritual and historical
development of its people.
Since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 to
date, our resources have been used to sustain the
political administrative live wire of Nigeria to the
exclusion of the Niger delta.
Finally, we are calling on the international
community, to come and support the restoration
of our right to peaceful self-determination from
this tragedy of 1914 that has expired since 2014.
We want our resources back to restore the
essence of human life in our region for
generations to come because Nigeria has failed to
do that. The world should not wait until we go
the Sudan ways. Enough is enough.
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