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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mercy Johnson’s Husband, might Become Next Deputy Governor for Edo State: promiseCRIB'

Prince Odi
Okojie, the husband of top Nollywood
actress , Mercy Johnson might turn-out being the next
deputy governor of Edo State.
According to sources, Prince Odi Okojie
who many political enthusiasts are saying
is keeping his fingers crossed on who to
back as governor, is already the favorite
of many as the top running mate to most
guber aspirants of the PDP in the
forthcoming primaries in the state.
Currently, he is the favorite of many of
the party’s top guns in the state and from
all indications except otherwise, Okojie is
likely going to win as the deputy governor
of 'the heart beat of the nation'.
And below: as for the team promiseCRIB',
………. We keep our fingers crossed !
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