Lights and Music at Carriageworks for Vivid Sydney

The Vivid Sydney festival is back and bigger
than ever. This year for their grand opening they
present the famous musician Bj�rk at
Carriageworks conducting two night parties on
Friday 3 June - Saturday 4 June 2016 as part of
the opening for the Bj�rk Digital exhibition.
Unfortunately tickets have sold out for these
events but bookings are recommended for the
digital exhibition, which opens at 6 pm on 4
June and will run for the next two weeks till 18
June 2016. Week 1 runs until 10 June 2016 and
Week 2 runs from 11 � 18 June 2016.
Bj�rk Digital Exhibition at Vivid Sydney
large image
The digital exhibition premieres Bj�rk Digital as
a new virtual reality project in collaboration
with other world famous programmers and film
makers. There are five unique spaces to explore
along with videos focussing on the natural
continuity of Bj�rk music videos.
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