Jide kosoko's wife "Henrietta Kosoko" died

late Henrietta
Kosoko who passed on in the early hours
of Monday, June the 6th 2016 on her
instagram page.
The late actress who had been battling
with diabetes was married to Nollywood
actor Jide Kososko.
Toyin posted a picture of Henrietta
Kosoko on her instagram with the caption:
“A lot of people didn’t know how to close
we were, you stood by me during my
trying period I remember you said toyin
you are a ripe fruit and people throw
stones sticks at ripe fruits, you said I
should be strong I remember you brought
food when my pa said I wasn’t eating, I
remember when I told you I was scared
my family can ask me to quit acting you
said you will follow me to Ibadan to speak
to my parent I know you are with God
now…I wish tears can bring you back I
would have cried for years, you stood by
me, rest in peace maamia…you were one
of the few people who stood by me…I
love you and I promise I will always be
strong, rest in peace…AMEN!
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