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Monday, 27 June 2016

Councelling J.A.M.B., is far back from imaginations... :inspired by Fred Agbata

How in the world will the members of the House
of Representatives want to cancel computer-
In his response to this directive, the JAMB
registrar said, “The board is ready to go back to
paper-based tests once the Minister and Ministry
of Education issue a directive to that effect as
they have the final say.”
He concluded with these words, “….But, we will
be going backwards.” I quite agree with the
professor even though I think he and his team
could have done a much better job.
In any case, do members of the House of
Representative realise that some Nigerians are
actually running Diploma, First Degree, Masters
and even PhD courses online right in Nigeria
and they are receiving lectures via the internet
and also taking part in computer-based-tests and
examinations virtually?
Why must we ridicule ourselves in the comity of
nations? It saddens me to hear that we do not
have the capacity of using technology to
conduct examinations for less than five million
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