Weekly words of wisdom

Weekly Words Of Wisdom
Super Bowl edition! While QB #1 (in my heart)
is not taking the field today, this quote is still
applicable. Either the Panthers or the Broncos
are taking home the big W today. Every past
win or loss doesn't matter. Today's the day it
all goes on the line.
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I have to constantly remind myself of this!
Don Draper put it another way, "If you don't
like what's being said, change the
So many of us get caught up in complaining
about the day-to-day, our jobs, our
relationships, etc. but yet we don't do
anything about it.
I think it starts with being grounded and in-
tune with yourself. Are you happy? If you're
not, why not? What can you do to change it? I
try to do this daily. There's ALWAYS
something you can do to help you change- or
at least get through- your current situation.
So true. It took me a long time to accept this
for myself, to take charge and start my full-
time consulting business. But I'd been
thinking about it forever and I knew
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