Who has ever defined God as *the whole Universe Aspirant’s general overseer*. A simple question, hence with no question mark; because it has being answered. You would try to create articles and search for God, but our dear Internet shows enough extraordinary unrelated results with a hyper modifying answer. In reference to our great narrator a case-study of ‘wikipedia, God was stated with several features of which you need to know about. Back to our head paragraph, God is a source to several services, commodities & activities, all aspirants do exhibit in their features. He works by himself, but not alone and still regularly per seconds timed. He is described as a General overseer, because he is purposed to have everything under his own privacy policy, terms & conditions ad sparingly to his own notification (awareness). He therefore, needs to be granted aspirants honor and favors.

          Afterwards, is the cue topic; ‘who is OUR INTERNET GOD?” let me create some ideas to this outcome. Our internet God makes features that relates to the real God of the universe (known as Universal God). But remember that any other gods might merely be recognized and could be spelled-out counter-fits! Our internet God, like no other Internet god, has the features of;

·        Being in-charge of all internet activities’ and anti-national services.

·        Consultancy and services rendering

·        Accepting or UN-accepting: in terms of paradise appearance.

Finally to its feature, what really makes It our internet God is because it actually gives a public feed back to all writes-up from the book of authorization. Have you gathered who ‘Our Internet God’ is? You’ll soon be aware of what I’ll have in case-study. Infarct, so sooner as immediately! Hail *GOOGLE* ‘Our Internet God’. It was actually surprising when we started the topic, and now it is funny when the ‘who’ is revealed.

          I am so sure now that; your memory is low accessing to why Google is known as our internet god. No doubt! Has it not gotten the guts to oversee all the events and exhibits going on the internet? Of no doubts! Is it not able to render assistance makes a doubt that you haven’t heard of the Google Spider’s work: to gather all the “dos” & “dids” for paradise appearance. Google our internet God, made us to know that in the internet world, nothing could be hidden from the source search engine and not a creator but a locator. I read a previous article considering its terms and conditions, under the section 7 of paragraph 1; that “it has the authority to accept and remove what is not supposed to be viewed or is not securely following with its policies.” Why must Our Internet God be honored? …popularity generator! This is so important and relevant. Different problems would be solved when they seek assistance from it… Google provides several most preferred choices you could use. You are recently owning / managing a blog or a website which not all knows about, the Google spider would have written a public notification brief about you, in case you don’t know this!

          We could not disclose more secrets about OUR INTERNET GOD, but thank God (GOOGLE); you now know who our internet God is?

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