I call him ‘EMERKER’ in the Nigerian way, born on the 14th of May, 1984 & actually dropped-out student from the Harvard University, in 2006. He got married to Priscilla Chan, in 2012. Emerker started the business of making a Greatest Social-Networking, in 4th of February, 2004. Generally known as “the FACEBOOK*preciously “the FACEMASH” between 2004&2005. As a talent in programming, he got from his dad through out his teen days. This duty then was fully sponsored by his parents with a sum total of $85,000. It was steady and mostly used since 2010 till date. His livelihood started in a room self contain and later hovered to 2-bedrooms self contain. Within 4 years of establishing, now he is currently in a 5-rooms mansion, which he refer to as a big whole heart to dine for himself alone. A great deal he taught to amuse people, when he created the FACEBOOK, but today Mark Zukerberg E. a.k.a. Emerker is hailed by his Net worthy Capability via the Universe. Since 2011 till date, Mark Zukerberg (Emerker) is known and placed as the world fastest grown out young billionaire recently reached an age 31+. His constituencies has probably fixed him along list of the WORLD RICHEST infarct, top 60 and 20 right from his preceding period.
            Mark [a.k.a. Emerker* by me], needs to be hailed for a careful reason of stiffness in the billionaires of billions. #most especially his hail is for reason where he could be the (soon) leading WORLD RICHEST MAN#. [Take note!!!]. a review from our online encyclopedia ; |en.wikipedia.org| made an article of ‘world’s billionaires, from several dates and we read to rank Emerker among the numbers. In 2011, his net worth generated to be $1.49billion, when Carlos Slim Helu was the world’s no1. Richest he was placed number 57. In 2012, after his wedding, he realized his net worth fell to $1.2billion. Carlos Slim was still no1 richest, while he was placed as no41. in 2013, the world and facebook, started getting familiarized and interest to it, when he actually started getting familiar and interested to it, when he actually started the permission for users to place & share photos. [This doing was not marks zukerberg’s intention, but his friends ‘co-partner @ Sean Parker, convinced him]. His estimated net worth, raised up to $3.7billion while he was no16 in the world and an error dragged Carlos Slim Helu to no2, while our famous ‘Bill Gates had his chance to no1. 2014, the net worth of Mark Zukerberg raised to $40.3billion and was no14 in the rank… (read more @ http://www.bornrich.com/mark-zukerberg.html and see what you’ve missed here about our Emerker! Continuously, Emerker’s Net worth as of 2015, was estimated to $46billion and he is clued as no16 all when Bill Gates was raised as the world no1. now in 2016, Emerker’s net worth of $46.5billion  and if you check the wikipedia article, he is listed among the first ^6^
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