Note this: “MAN OF GOD”. “MAN OF GODS”. MAN OF gods”. They all differ by no similar quality. If you weren’t lucky to be one, these are the disadvantages of being in that post! Remember, you could still read more about the advantages of being a Pastor, somewhere else ‘not here’…



You could be a Pastor (what type?), but you don’t have the power to heal; as in relating to mystics! Then, your will to attract members could possibly be loosed to 48% per year. I don’t know if you read about the did of Peter and Paul, including Jesus! If you want a soul to get closed to God, the secreted power you should explore is that of healing. If you lack such, then I wonder what your else role as a pastor is.



‘It was good though, to cast out the evil spirit from Sis. Tessa Now, the spirit keeps torturing me in silence and starvation! Maybe members don’t know that when once the evil spirit was cast out from them, it has not gone truly! It faces the Pastor for its final test of conqueror’.


*Members do stand-a-feet that is what the Pastor teaches his congregation that they exhibit* of bearing the negative part of it, all goes to one man! –the Pastor-. In his/her absence, he is made known to be the leader of whatsoever example he/she has laid to the members and to what they’ll do else where, apart the church. I go no further; you should understand what I mean aside.


This law is not a law, in correlation of you, going in as being a pastor and hence, you have not passed the first stage i.e. being holy from the soul. Therefore, you don’t do this job! A dead man would be brought to you and hence your miracle states in a capability to revive a prostitute was trying to surrender to you and hence you have no power to deliver the person. That means the efforts of being a pastor is no story. Some pastors, have their own way out to cover up a case whereby they can’t revive the dead. Meanwhile, they know how far it seems.


All pastors should be fixed at the church, I think! Failure to do so, that means your will of being a pastor is just for the purpose of running a business center / a talking house. If you are Mr. Pastor, you are no where! Surely thy members / visitors shall submit their lives for private discussions, prayers & achievements from you. And staying here might not permit you to enjoy what is in the CRIB’


….and for the summaries, pastor is not only done when it is church services or not only about receiving and spending tithe fees. If you are mighty in spirit, I know this will be an advantage to play your role as a Pastor.

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