Which is more important; Talent or Hard-work?

The recent ages, speak on the aspect of over confidence and its effect, whereby “a person who fails to plan, then approximately that person has planned to fail”. Hence, few still don’t go with this principle. Creating yourself with inbuilt characteristics of the above quote is surely separating you of the way of life; feeling scared to do certain hard work. . As you should also be aware that destiny made that special link between hard work and talent.
The first thing my reader needs to know is that success comes through hard work. Take a serious study at the event of the world today it is noticed that everyone now takes part in working very hard, before they could entertain the daily bread. Including that, everyone needs to be successful in whatsoever way it seems. It is hard work that provides this achievement to success. For instance, a condition made two men to clear-off a piece of land, within 20hours. If you were made with talent, there is no way a talent would be involved in clearing that piece of land. This is a job of who could be more hard working between those men. Let’s assume another circumstance to the scientist that came about the existence of phone, ‘Antonio meucci 1808’. It was a nice talent though, to think of something amazing to the world today, but he has this idea and didn’t sleep over it. He probably agreed that something has to be done, in order for his idea appear real. Hard work surely came in. he did not invite other scientist with an equal talent rather, but needed their assistance to complete the making of a phone.

Today in my world, 60% populace forgets to honor the talented idea to the maker of each phone they own, but they do purchase more phones for self-convenience. You should agree that only one man has that talent to create a phone, still more of it is made. The newest brand of phone is not from the creation of Mr. Antonio meucci anymore, it was through him, many worked hard and also got their own artificial ideas and successfully, could create a phone. In further awareness, compare the lifer between Nene who is talented in dancing and Paul who is a hardworking guy of several businesses; such as teaching, tailoring, trading and marketing. In the definition of talent, it was never stated that it is the key to ones destiny. Nene could live a proud life, because of her dancing spirit. Meanwhile she had been forecasted by God to become a journalist. Her days were all spent dancing, which might install laziness in order not to play major roles in life career, as a regards to her destiny. Then, we observed Paul who has never taken his time to discover what talent he is a genius in. God forecasted hid destiny as a lecturer. Happily, he is found successful in his job; simply because he once had gained experience from it.
The next thing my reader needs to know, is that hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard. One of the single quotes from two philosophers ‘Kevin Durant & Piers Steel’ on 8th of October, 2011, expressed that “the differences between ‘the smart’ and ‘the not-so-smart’, quite a bit similar, if they both work hard. That means talent still counts, but hard work put you right up there”.  An author of philosophy known as ‘Criss Jarmi’, once said “the harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher you pedestal” With this said, the lower you fall, the more likely you are to do whatever it takes to become and remain great. Hence, struggle to the top and earn the respect of achieving success is likely to drive you growing more and prevents laziness.
We have gone so far in the world, in order to accomplish the mission to live. During the career life-line, we should know that ‘hard work creates talent as its end result, while it also reveals the destiny one has’. But without this hard work, talent remains meaningless. Famous sporting stars; in case study of ‘Michal Jordan, Kevin Durant, Wayne Gretzky’, released speeches and/or quotes
On this, that;“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the result will come! Shows that if you never give-up the hard work, the result will pay-off in future”. For instance, a message from God was an errand to two guys that on getting to Nigeria, they could realize what talent they have which would emerge their destiny. They journeyed together on the way while one of them branched to the stadium in Ghana, because he found groups playing football. He joined them and played exactly what the fan watched, as an amazing entertainment. He is been praised and respected due to his talent in football and they rendered him some cash prices to go with. As for the other guy, he didn’t wanted to branch, not until he has gotten to Nigeria. Unfortunately, nothing expected came along. His career substituted him to be a fan-lover of football, watching all games his journey mate will be playing.
In relevance to my brief, talent without hard work remains useless, despite a fact that no similar talents can be equal. A state of providing artists, one is perfect in painting from imagination, while the other might be specialized in shading from nature objects/images. Or two musical artiste; one is superb in sounding the coolest voice to choruses, while the other is just an inborn rapper. Life seems not contented with a confusing obstacle; therefore, I conducted a research rooted by ‘Prof. Zach Hambri’ quoted that “Hare dower only accounts for 1/3 of differences in skills and the rest, due to factors like intelligence or innate ability. Hence, talent is required for success, but co-operate considering how hard one has worked”. Hard work is so much important, that’s why in the absence of nothing many things were made. To rate my success, I once read a book, titled ‘the Carpenter’ and it quotes that “people with talent is at the beginning”. ‘While at it, you have to begin at the beginning… and go on till you come to the end, then stop!” (Philosopher: Lewis Caroll). But I will not advice you to stop, not until you have a befitting plan in achieving a goal. Talented once are lazy, no doubt. This is due to their over confidence and retrieval to work hard.
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