Peter okoye mr P speaks at PC

Since (Peter Okoye) of P-Square, started his own solo project. He is now known by
the stage name "Mr.P.". This has made fans of one
of Africa's greatest groups of all time wonder if
it's the end of the road for the group. Speaking
exclusively with PC-promiseCRIB'. Paul Okoye, who hasn't
said much in the media about the issues which the
Okoye brothers have been having for years
now, said 'P-Square will always remain BROTHERS, but the
brothers needed to pursue solo projects and do
their individual stuff'.
He asked fans to support his brother's solo career as Mr P, support his as Rudeboy but more
importantly, always support P-Square as they
will always be from one particular family.
Music lives on, such as life does....
...peter O. (mr. P.)
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