MKS MKD and MKT Functions

These statements or fuctions that is 'MKS $, MKD $ and the MKT $'. The meanings is as shown below:
MKS $= makes single precisions.
MKD $= makes double precisions.
MKT $= makes integer; Are used to convert numeric values to their string equivalent. However, when this is done; it must be converted back to numbers using the "CONVERT" functions.
CVI for integer, CVS for single prcision values and CVD for double precision value.
The MKI $ and CVi processes mirrow each-other. The fromer converting a number into a format, for staorage in random files while the later converts the Random storage into a format useable by the program.

The second will convert the string variable A$ to its equivalent single precision variable which could be used in the program.
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