Lols Linda ikeji reveals a secret at wizkid

Linda Ikeji posted this secret statement and when she was recently asked to confirm it right, she failed. It is a matter about her co-incidence with wizkid
"Trust me, if I knew someone was Wizkid's
director, I'd rather sleep with him, rather than kill
Myself or any other entertainer for that matter
(except maybe he's my crush..hehe) because I
know how some of these entertainers are...they
kiss and tell a lot. You can't afford to be
messing around in their circle. So, no, I have
Being willing to sleep with Wizkid's director. I live a
celibate life..most of the time. (Though, that has
to end soon...I'm getting old and missing out on
that part of life...)"

Maybe linda's audiences needs to read this very loud and clear and retweet it to wizkid for his own advantage and subsidisez their blasphemies and try to understand what is in between their private relationship
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