Lols Linda ikeji informs wizkid today

She writes;

I won't be able to write anything
about him anymore and my job is to
write...about everything, including entertainers.
I am cordial with some of them...many of them
I have never met. I try to stay away from
gatherings where they are because the more
friends you make in the entertainment industry,
the less you can write. And that will
inadvertently affect your work. The few ones
that I call acquaintances, it's hard to write about
them because you feel you're cool with them
and even when you write, they call you to
complain. So, the fewer 'friends' I have in the
entertainment industry, the better my job will
So Wizkid can bash me all he wants...but I will
continue to do my job. Maybe he thinks the
more he bashes me, then I will stop writing
about him? Won't work. But meanwhile, if he
tells a lie about me, I will address it. LIB plans
to be around for a long time...some of these
people will come and go! :-).
Thanks everyone and Wizkid fans for reading
my response.
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