Linda Ikeji makes the case publicised

Linda Ikeji blasphemes the Wizkid's case from the police HQ.
She has stated in her blog about the new expectations from Wizkid, after visiting the station today!
She stated:
''But here's
my consolation and why I am glad this
happened. I promise you, especially the ladies,
Wizkid will never threaten you with harm again.
At least not in public. I believe I am the last
bus stop. He will think twice before threatening
another human being again on social media.... A
police file has been opened for him, and he has
been cautioned''. The day he threatens another
human being again with harm, then
Having said that, I turned down taking a photo
with him and the police commissioner this
afternoon *view it from her private blogspot*. One of his people took a pic of him
and the commissioner with me in it and my
people insisted they delete it. Not because I
haven't forgiven him, I just don't need the drama.
*Well, i think it is high time Wizkid and I stopped this our social taboos and face lifestyle*
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