Ikeji and Wizkid at the station

I am going to write about this Wizkid
matter for the very last time. Anything else
after this will no longer concern me. So Wizkid
and I met with the Commissioner of Police
today and when the Commissioner asked me
what I wanted them to do with the case...I told
him that I wanted peace. And the reason why I
insisted on peace and not to drag the matter
further i.e go to court, is because Wizkid and his
lawyers have been apologizing since Friday, up
until today!
I spoke with Wizkid through his lawyer on
Friday April 15th where he tendered an apology
to me and said he wasn't a violent person, that
he didn't mean what he said, that it was just an
emotional outburst. And then he asked for
forgiveness. Please continue...
But despite forgiving him, he still had to show
up at the Police HQ to officially apologize and
write an undertaken which he did today.
I see a lot of negativity has come out of this
case with Wizkid - with many folks bashing me
for reporting a threat on my person.
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