Examination malpractise

Its history remains untraced, while the trial of getting an exam success still progress. A friend would interract with his coliques and guess a question if they are truely sure of passing their exam at hand. Can you imagin how exam malpractise could rule all school in the aspect of governmental exams or general certificate examinations? No doubts! Each supervisors thinks it is allowed.... Maybe they are the historical cause of it.
Examination malpractise has grown each year, especially for the S.S.S.C.E. (W.A.E.C.), with over 79.62% and still under investigation to disallow its usage. Exams like the G.C.E., J.A.M.B., J.S.S.C.E. & even the ordinary school term's examination; do install this matter, a sufficient mall for beureacacy. Students finds this a wonderful deal for carrying out this act, which is a ground for getting them their exam success. The question is that 'will this help?' and 'for what shall its benefits be of?'. Instantaneously, we can also read of its disadvantages in the next update.
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