Eva alodiah

Most reliable discussion=Eva revealed that she
ending that chapter of her life, and was using the
to bow out, performing all her songs.
She wrote:“It’s tomorrow!! My last show as a
Artiste*. Yes, I am ending another chapter in my
life and
ready for the next...
If you Love Eva, you gotta
be here tomorrow!.... no? Please I really want you to come. Bring up to 4 friends.
I would be performing songs from before you
knew me till right now! It is Live and Unplugged
with the band and I want to share this
experience with only the best and realest fans!" “If you have never seen me play with the band please be here tomorrow! I promise you a fantastic Hip-hop experience, God help me. Can’t wait to see you guys. I would be at the Venue from 8PM to meet you all one-on-one! Pictures, Selfies, Drinks, anyone? ”Eva never got round to releasing her debut studio album, the highly anticipated 1960, but has a catalog that contains the very impressive GIGO EP, and
hit songs like Lights Out and Deaf.
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