Disadvantages of sleeping by PC

Sleeping is good though, but unknowingly it has DISADVANTAGES...
- makes one lazy by burning off time that could be used to complete a scheduled job,
- makes one gains extra weight, due to excess oxygen obtained from the surrounding.
- makes one late for church, school, work, appointment...
- could make the eye region, keep swelling per 08hours
-could make you loose your property most especially when gone deep at sleep. !theft!
- cause the mind to dream bad fictions.
- engages some joints in the body to severe pains and also allows muscles pull.
- makes some bony parts, stiff. Such as; neck, vertebra, phalanges, metaparsals, hip and feet.
- make you loose your previously cool voice.
- could show case your shame at snorring
- can lead you through unwanted health conditions, like asthma, hypertensions, pressure from heat, hay breathe, vommit, catarh, chest pain, body pain (due to the slept position) and permanently fast growth.

Don't stop sleeping, because i hav never asked you to do so. But take not of this..
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