Disadvantages of helping

When someone feels he/she needed yours assist, it sounds so caring! But hence, the samarithan would have a blissfull hazard of rendering this service of helping the client in needy. Its disadvantages here, is not discouraging you actually, not to help others. But it just took a review at its loss-gross.
1. Helping, waiste/consumes ones effort, strenght, energy or time factor scheduled for something else.
2. Helping, mostly in some occassions, gains no repay.
3. Helping someone, might have no feedback for appreciations (as in Greetings) in return.
4. Helping, creates a boundary for getting into some kind of dangers.
5. Helping, intoduces a saint to a problem or trouble under an unaware circumstances.
6. Helping, directs your innocent spirit mostly, to an unknown imitiator of mystics and controversial violence. This rides you to get known to what you do not care about!!!
7. Helping, dethrones the respect required.
8. Helping, makes the samarithan loose assets, in respect to sacrificing.

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