9 things you should know about linda ikejis blog

There are several investigations i have carried put from this Nigerian most successful blogger for now!
LIB has issues, most known about her blogging lifestyles. But out to citizens, it seems unknown 'and maybe to her audiences'
Things you should know about LIB
1. She starts her daily blogging by 3:am and ends at 11:pm.
2. LIB drops about 32% lies from celebrities gist and about 65% copyright from social channels.
3. Linda ikeji dont go to church most sunday, instead she prefers blogging the 'fake GOSPEL'.
4. LIB is the only trending blog for now, without a 'privacy-policy'.
5. LIB, shows no concern about creating pages or categorizing her contents for readers site-mapping.
6. LIB gets most of her top posts from IG (INSTAGRAM).
7. Linda ikeji has never blogged about herself; even as known 'a Dignitry'.
8. Linda ikeji has never replied her audience in the blog.
9. LIB is out-of-boiund to non subscribers.
She would soon be my treat case-study!!!
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