17 Airtel Vital Numbers

The Airtel, right from transfer in Econect, Vmobile, Zain and now Airtel!, has these 17 subrectifing nubers to mute the users standard to a comprehending average of available servises at any rate of use.

Customer care/ enquires 111


24 hour Medical/Critical ResQ

Reg. For Emergency care 177

Account balance check *123#

Balance and validity 147

Account Validity *124#

Check Bumpa *136#

Load Airtime *126#

Check free sms *456*2#

Call me back 140*numr.

Vcorporate solutions 131

Help desk text 'cb'to 123

Sim swap activation 130

Recharge enquires 190

VMOBILE direct 0802 9900 025-9

Data and extra purchase *141#

Credit purchase *500#

Bank activation *894#

Facebook subscribe *510#

As for any sprux you assume here, it's all a new redirect to the new Airtel Management....
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