I have actually made some reliable researches, from different sources of preference, in order to get which article displays the best way / process to compose a formal letter which seems very good i8n terms of job application.
Therefore, I have combine all thoughts and ideas to make a universal format o how a formal letter would look like. Better forth, it worked for me and really for most friends that have used it. Writing a letter is not your problem, but writing the one which your reader would consider acceptable, is the reason I made this an article.
Note that writing an application letter for a job, requires the use of either a black pen or a blue one, with a single full-scalp leave of paper.
Also take note that this kind of letter is deliquescence to having a double sided address (one for you and the other for the company, enterprises or business liability…).





 _the management / the consultant / the administrator,_(f)




Dear sir / madam,
                        A WISH TO APPLY AS A ________(J)_______ IN YOUR _____(K)_______
          I ______(l)__________ a native of _______(m)_______ born and brought up in _______(n)______ on the _______(o)_______, humbly wish to apply for the above highlighted post which I saw on an advertising media on the _______(p)________. I am a successful scholar of the 6-3-3 education sessions, with an outstanding SSCE result, which I have attached to this letter.
          I am relevant and discipline with certain job role and experiences which I have taken part in. social life is what I exhibit with an accurate working skill. _________(q)________
          I am tactful in the sense that am polite in attending to whatsoever case in a business line, and brutally will resolve the concerned issues. Obedience is my power to braveness and boldness, I therefore is willing and committed to abiding by all rules, regulations and supervised guides I get from my higher authoritative. I look forward to your responding reply, while I prepare myself for this rapt.

Yours faithfully,

  • (a)= your house number (,) with street name *include a “comma”*
  • (b)= your own nearest bus-stop to your house (,)
  • (c)= your local government area (,)
  • (d)= the present state you live in
  • (e)= today’s number (,) month and year
  • (f)= select any peculiar one from the listed singles
  • (g)= the office address
  • (h)= its state
  • (i)= the country
  • (j)= you should underline the subheading of your letter purpose & include the position you are applying for.
  • (k)= include if the work place is a factory, store, super-market, and filling-station
  • (l)= your full name
  • (m)= your state o origin
  • (n)= your area of birth and livelihood fro childhood
  • (o)= date of parturition
  • (p)= date you saw the advert placements
  • (q)= you might include what you know you are capable of in a reference to the job type.
  • (r)= this must come in the left side bottom of the letter conclusion part
  • (s)= your full name
  • (t)= include a signature
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