Things that could make you feel angry

There are several happenings that when they appeal you instantly, you could even run a hot-tempered or tensiones mind.
It would border you untill.its over for that moment! It would return soneother time...
What else can you do to avoid such?
Those tings we cry at are:

1. When you ere starting the internet with your data that supposed to last within an hour, and immediately did not notice when your phone actually displayed low battery, shotdown!

2. You were picking your ear with a broom-stick, immediately a mosquitoe nearly got sunk to the other ear with its crazy louzy sound 'pheeezz'

3. You were tryig to get a free 3G data your friend recently told you, immediately you tried activating, your sim was blocked

4. You wore the trouser, no sound of tear, you climbed a bike, no crack sound heared, you walked a mile and met friends, still no sound of torns, immediately you sit at a party with it, the same moment,you realised a broad torn part at the middle of the legs, under the laps

Cool righ
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