Have you ever been ASSUMED ?

*Achievement is the best, when we used like 5 days to make #160.00 each and guess what! This is lavished in just less than 2 hours for something stagnant and will soon look boring to have. *I think it is high time we understood what causes stretch-marks on my black friends.... * you came back from someplace and still you begin asked if you were actually back! Or you've done something right and a reverse challenge was if you've done it! ....what sought of reply have you got for this questionnaire in mind? *Redeem christian church of God fixed a programmed as "let's go a fishing" hence, no one of the member would be taken to that river with any net or hook & line for the presentation of the theme! *you tried to live a unique lifestyle of yourself, hence you still think of how to look just exactly like David Guetta... *you actually put on 1 fine cloth frequently and still you gather backside laugh-mourners, whereby they usually appear worst than you in all the best outfit of their life... **Assume me'
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