Hail mark zukerberg the CEO of facebook

emerkerI call him 'EMERKER' in the igbo way. Born on 14th may, 1984. Actually a dropped-out student of Harvard university, in 2006. Got married to Priscilla Chan in 2012. Emerker started the business of making a greatest social networking on 4th Feb., 2004; generally known as the Facebook *previously 'the face-mash'* btwn 2004 & 2005. This duty was was fully sponsored by his parent with a sum of $85,000. It was steady and mostly used since 2010, till date. A great deal he taught to amuse people as he had created facebook. But today Mark a.k.a. Emerker, is hailed via his Net-worthy capability. Since 2011 till date, Emerker is known and placed as the world youngest billionaire who is aged 31+. His consistencies, has probably fixed him among the world richest, infarct 'top_60 & 20 right from his proceeding period. Mark(a.k.a. Emerker), needs to be hailed for a careful reason of stiffness in the billonosphere of billionaires. #Most especially, his hail is for reason where he could be the (soon) leading "youth, american,...
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