Note that if you over weigh, there is a reward for that. Imagine! You want to reduce. But *sneeze* don’t try to over use the weight reductionist process, because you can never be as light as a tissue squared sheet.


1)             To practice how to feed merely low, and make sure you consume a group of balanced diets.
2)             Eat more hot pepper; it raises metabolic rate to 50% for up to 3 hours, after your meal.
3)             Jogging is number1 down-press idea to feel even lighter than you could be. Make your jogging is no1 down as early as 5:30 am – 7:45 am (away from your area/location)
4)             Do you love groundnut? Yes! You have to. Take roasted groundnut; with coffee (NO SUGAR) make it an hour before your lunch. It reduces weight so regularly.
5)             Do you normally sleep from 8:00 pm? If so, eat your supper about 2 hours before you sleep at any time.
6)             Remember to take exercise not less than 3 days a week, (like jogging, walking, strolling, skipping, swimming, dancing, going up a staircase).
7)             This is strange! Do stand up to receive any phone call. This helps a lot, but it’s a mistake most people find hidden around the earth. You consume more weight while you sit and talk.
8)             Drop your comment testimony here, after one month of trying.
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