8 Ways how to stop your android apps, from consuming unwanted data / airtime

It’s so easy!

1.                 Get to your phone’s settings.

2.                 Scroll down and check for Apps., then click it

3.                 You would be shown all downloaded apps, installed apps, running apps, sd-card, all.

4.                 This is when you swerve the list side-ways.

5.                 Get yourself to the running apps.

6.                 You’ll find all applications that consume your data (such are; Google+, YouTube, bbm, whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, Gmail, yahoo, mails, 2g0, skype).

7.                 Click on the app that you don’t wish to use presently and click on ‘STOP’ or ‘FORCE STOP’

8.                 It must automatically take you to the previous page itself. If not, try clicking on the stop again.

9.                 That’ all

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