4 Critical attitudes that could forfeit you from school's cultism

Dear Guys, Actually, it starts all when you are still preparing to be on campus. Your amount of days back home is highly required to prove your attitudes on how you could forfeit cultism at school. * do you attend the Gym? Take a look at mark henry, or big e lanston, people like rey-mysterio do fear them, even the huck-organ actually respect them frequently. Forget these names, man! Just gym your whole lock-days to get a brazier's chest. ** the planB; find a chosen and simple ring, fix it on the left thumb seldomly. If they don't believe in jazz, really should your ring make them do so! *** your hairstyle once shoild change when you get to school. Either a skin cut and beared-layers, jerry-cul on brown layers or dred-lock all round layers...dn't claim as if you know much about fashion! ****finally, make one coloured outfit all through the body your personal dress-mode. Unless, you guys were requested to appear in your course uniform...colours should be blacks, reds or blies !!!don't use 'white or yellow'.
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