2 things you could possibly do, when you recharge your Airtel sim with N100.00

You could be given a 5mb or 10mb or nun for this recharge, but you might not be okay with that. Hence, you would lead further in activating the blackberry plan on any phone type. The code is *440*18#. You would receive a message that “your airtel blackberry unlimited subscription was successful”. Not really unlimited, for two reasons; it would contain a 40.05mb and this will last you from that time you activated it till 00.03am mid night the next day.
After done this, you should send a message to 440which is ‘stopautorenew’ (in small-Letter s). This message is enabling a disability for airtel to auto cut part of your data, immediately after an hour. Then you’ll receive another sms., that you have successfully disabled the auto renewal service of your blackberry unlimited daily plan.Start all the way!
Some that knows no business about megabyte (data-plan / smart bundles) , do recharge to make call(s). Hence, before you might have recharged, you should dial *330# or *337# or *210#. Now recharge your N100.00 and you’ll automatically get a N50.00 for exemption calls and another for weekend calls. You feel its not enough, that’s why I am helping you with a good idea. The actual code for you to get either N250.00 or 625seconds call time is *234*100#. Start all the way!
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