18 Things you didn’t know about this generation.

Hello! Means of possible lifestyle source could be so in intimidating or initiating. So many have disabled source to their own lifestyle ant they hence can’t stand it anymore. Do you?
Put things together and let’s now see those things no one knows about this generation! I know you wish to know, but have you thought of what those things are in common?

1)                            Everyone that has used cream types (most especially with the presence of hydroquinone or acid sterrique), have this effect of stretch-mark displayed on their skin.
2)          Most earners in the world are all derived from internet establishments.
3)          No new invention has being made, that can divert the world to a recent age.
4)                            All ‘epilepsy’ patients could be revived to normal, if they were shocked whiles a slept……..#fact!
5)                            The lucrative authority one gathers from a shrine has no effect anymore. # believe it and feel saved!
6)                            It is very easy to spend a huge million penny, but if I asked you to raise that, it would take you a half of a whole life. The reason is because the source is greedy.
7)                            The poorest man live longer than the money lords…. #fact!
8)                            If you think you could jug a whole 40miles in 2 months, you wouldn’t get less. Seamlessly, you would surely hate the way your muscles abrasivates.
9)                            Malaria’s fatality is a thing of the old.
10)                       Almost all graduated students, have a different and managing job right now, while those that dropped out from school to pick their choice are really into business.
11)                       The youth feels more intelligent than older ones; hence, the old men still remain smarter.
12)                       The hardest pain one should never encounter is the *tooth ache*
13)                       The most brilliant one in school days might later work for the duller one, if the still feel boastful.
14)                       Politics is forgotten daily, but you will find it difficult to remember that it is still the wildest ‘will’ which rules a nation.
15)                       Interest of having a particular asset, only last you for 9 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes and 0.1seconds. #fact!
16)                       You were living your whole life and planning o how you would one day make it. A day would set you aside, when you realized that you were actually making it right from time, but no mansion blast rate. But if you’ve never dream of making it and keep being worried on how to generate it. A day you made it, would surely put you a confusing mind on how to entertain it. #fact!
17)                       No matter how thirsty you seems, you can’t finish the molecules of water in a 50cl sachet. You think you are done with 2? , hence you are still not getting this right!
18)                       The best method to reduce one’s weight/size is to go on a ‘fasting’ trip of 11 Era.

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