11 Things that could actually make you feel okay from my CRIB'

Before reading this, i knew you weren't aware RIGHT? Don't need a reply faster, just try to be aware now! 1) When you take your time to do something that this generation would find useful. 2) Taking a street jug twice in a week, actually would burn_out fats and kill stressed cells on time and with ease. 3) Drinking water alone when you start feeling sick, could help you stop whatsiever sickness approaching you, being it malaria of fever. 4) Sacrfising your time to do what would work out fine for you. Make sure you got it done! 5) Learning how to outspoken by mingling with several chat groups on live concepts and taking on the tutorials. 6) Having what you wished to own as yours, instantly! 7) Making a long lasting friendship witha mate. 8) Reducing the level of sugar you consume per hour. 9) Preventing hanging out or relating with the badpeople of this world 10) When you come across a temptation and you conquer it all. 11) When you were set up to sit for JAMB exam and you passed it.
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