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....official name: PROMISE_PRINCE Age as of 2015: 19 Height: 7.52" ....promise was born in lagos @ mangoro street, and originated generationally, from AKS(AKWA_IBOM STATE) OF NIGERIA. he was later transfered to an upgrading life @ ifako ijaiye still in lagos. Grew with his attendant in several education level. First, was his '6-damiland group of sch. '3_3-Guaranty group of sch. With a satisfying SCH. Cert. RESULT! He has passion in art, football, dances, musics, researches, made him an outblown world surfist and philosopher. He has taken part financialy, in several job creations. He is born along 4sibling. But the second in command! He is a poly to the online dj @Dj'brytos. He once took rap as his choice and will never forfiet it! He is coded to life moods and the events present in it.... Check out for more Here
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